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Dinner · Indian · Asian · Japanese · Vietnamese
Phone: (415) 772-9134
Popular Dishes @ Bamboo Asia

Northern Catch

Salmon, tempura shrimp, rock crab, edamame, avocado, eggplant chips, street crunch, pickled ...

Veggie Roti

Paneer, chickpeas, eggplant chips, New Delhi slaw, avocado, cucumber raita and cilantro chut...

Tandoori Roti

Tandoori chicken, corn, eggplant chips, mango, raisins, avocado, tomato curry and cucumber r...

Spicy Peanut Pork Bowl

BBQ pork, Vietnamese broccoli, coconut corn, pickled veggies, street crunch, bean sprouts, p...

Cali Roll

crab, avocado, green onions and samurai sauce.

Lamb Katora Bowl

Lamb Vindaloo, eggplant chips, chana chickpeas, Golden Gate Curry mango, street crunch, avoc...
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