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Bakery · Dessert · Snacks
Phone: (661) 831-8809
Hour: 12:30 - 17:30
Popular Dishes @ Cinnabon

Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Fuel your day with a cup of Cinnabon’s high quality, high-altitude Arabica cold brew coffee....

Classic Roll

Our world famous cinnamon roll, delivered straight to your door! The combination of our warm...

Cinnabon Stix®

Crispy sticks baked fresh with sugar and Makara(r) Cinnamon, served ready to dip. These dipp...

Classic CinnaPacks™

Bring our bakery home. Classic CinnaPaks are enough to treat the whole family in sizes of 4-...

Caramel PecanBon®

Warm dough, legendary Makara® Cinnamon, topped with caramel frosting, and pecans. Add this c...

MiniBon® CinnaPacks™

Bring our bakery home. MiniBon® CinnaPacks™ are enough to treat the whole family in sizes of...


Our world famous cinnamon roll in a smaller-portioned size. The MiniBon® is the perfect trea...


The Bon you love in one perfect bite. Perfect for breakfast, dessert, or anything in between.


Classic or Raspberry, we have just the right sweet and tart answer for your lemonade craving...


Bite-sized doughnut treats, rolled in our famous Cinnamon sugar. These dippable treats are s...
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