The Woo · Asian · BBQ · Grill · Korean

The Woo

New York  ·  $$
Asian · BBQ · Grill · Korean
Phone: (212) 925-2364
Hour: 12:00 - 21:15
Popular Dishes @ The Woo

Dak Nal Ke Tikim

Spicy honey chili glazed crispy chicken wings with pickled daikon.


Golden mashed potato and vegetable croquettes.

Kimbap (beef)

Korean style cut sushi roll with beef bulgogi and assorted vegetables.

Dduk Bokki

Rice cake sauteed in a spicy red chili pepper sauce (vegetarian or beef).

Den Jang Chige

Spicy miso stew with diced tofu, pork, zucchini, onion and green chili

Jap Chae

Wok stir fried glass noodles with assorted vegetables, soy and sesame (vegetarian or beef).

Kimchi Chige

Spicy kimchi stew with pork belly, tofu, onion and scallion

Soon Doo Boo

Spicy red chili stew with organic silken tofu (beef, seafood, kimchi, vegetable, plain)

Yook Ke Jang

Spicy shredded beef soup with glass noodles, shiitake, scallion and egg

Bo Sam Buns

Steamed buns with pork belly, spicy shredded pickled daikon and sweet soy
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