Antoya (Formerly Samwon Garden) · Korean · Barbecue · Alcohol

Antoya (Formerly Samwon Garden)

New York  ·  $$
Korean · Barbecue · Alcohol
Popular Dishes @ Antoya (Formerly Samwon Garden)

Kkot Deung Sim

Gluten free. Prime rib eye.

Chadol Kimchi Bab

Kimchi fried rice with brisket.

Nok Du Jeon

Spicy. Mung bean pancake with bacon or seafood. Vegetarian option.


Marinated Cubed Short Ribs

Galbi Jjim

Red wine soy sauce braised beef short ribs


Marinated Sliced Rib Eye

Maewoon Galbi Jjim

Spicy. Red wine soy sauce braised beef short ribs (spicy).

Dwenjang Jigae

Savory soybean paste stew with vegetables ( beef or seafood).

Yukgaejang Galbitang

Spicy. Spicy beef short rib soup.

Antoya Mandoo

Beef and pork dumplings.
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