New Wonjo · Korean · Barbecue · Seafood · Noodles

New Wonjo

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Korean · Barbecue · Seafood · Noodles
Popular Dishes @ New Wonjo


Steamed dumplings. (shrimp).

Sundubu Jjigae

Spicy soft tofu stew.

Jap Che

Fried clear noodles, vegetables with choice of beef / seafood / vegetables.

Al Jjigae

Spicy codfish roe and vegetable stew.

Sundubu Jjigae

Spicy soft tofu stew and choice of kimchi/ mushroom.

Bul Nak Jungol

Spicy beef, octopus, noodles and vegetables casserole.

Ddaro Guk Bop

Simmered beef stew with rice.

Bul Goki Dduk Boki

Stir fried rice cake with vegetables marinated sliced rib eye.

Jogi Gui & Soup

Broiled croaker and choice of Soy bean / Soft tofu stew

Haemul Jjigae

Spicy assorted seafood stew.
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