Myungsan · Soup · Chinese · Barbecue


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Soup · Chinese · Barbecue
Popular Dishes @ Myungsan

Someori Gukbab

beef tongue and cheek meat soup. comes with a rice.

Ganjang Gaejang

raw crab marinated in soy sauce. comes with a rice. '

Maeun Galbi Jjim

spicy steamed beef short ribs. comes with 2 rices.



Ojing-Uh Bokkeum

spicy stir fired squid with vegetables. comes with a rice


Thin slices of marinated beef sirloin with assorted mushrooms and vegetables grilled togethe...

Dak Dori Tang

spicy whole chicken stew with potato. comes with 2 rices.



Ssam Bap

spicy stir-fried pork with assorted vegetables and special soybean paste. comes with a rice.

Dubu Jaeyuk Kimchi

Spicy stir-fried pork with vegetables, tofu and kimchi. comes with a rice.
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