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Young Yang Center

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Korean · Chicken · Chinese · Seafood
Popular Dishes @ Young Yang Center

쟁반막국수 / Jaeng Ban Makguksu

Buckwheat noodles with assorted vegetables.

매운갈비찜 / Spicy Gal Bi Jjim

Braised beef short ribs with radish and onion in spicy sauce. Comes with one 16oz rice.

오징어볶음 / Ojinguh Bokeum

Stir fried squid with vegetables and udon noodle in spicy sauce. Comes with one 16oz rice.

감자탕 / Gamja Tang

Pot stew with pork, potato and Chinese cabbage. Comes with one 16oz rice.

두부김치 / Tofu Kimchi

Stir fried marinated thin sliced pork belly, kimchi with tofu. Comes with two 16oz rice.

족발부추무침 / Jokbal Boochu Moochim

Seasoned steamed pork leg, chives, peanut mixed with special sauce.

해물파전 / Haemul Pa Jeon

Korean style pancake with assorted seafood and scallion.

돈까스 / Tonkatsu

Deep fried breaded pork loin with special brown sauce on the side. Comes with one 8oz rice.

순대 / Sundae

Korean style sausage.

순대볶음 / Soondae Bokeum

Korean style sausage with vegetables. Comes with two 16oz rice.
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