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Korean · Alcohol · Desserts · Noodles · Soup
Popular Dishes @ KUUN

김치전 Kimchi Jeon

Housemade cabbage kimchi and scallion pancake

해물짬뽕 Seafood Jjambbong

32oz. Stir-fried spicy noodle soup w/ vegetables & mixed seafood in kelp based broth. noodle...

육개장 Yookgaejang

24oz. Shredded briskets and vegetables in spicy beef broth. comes with white rice

갈비 된장찌개 Kalbi Dwenjang Stew

24oz. Beef, vegetables, tofu, rice cake with Korean spicy miso casserole. spicy. comes with ...

족발 Jokbal

Pig's trotters boiled with KUUN soy sauce and spice. comes with dipping sauce of shrimp sauc...

육개장칼국수 Yookgaejang Kalguksu

24oz. Hand-pressed noodle w/ vegetables & shredded beef in beef broth. noodle comes on the s...

돌솥비빔밥 Hot Stone Bibimbap

Sauteed and seasoned vegetables & rice cooked in hot stone. Served with KUUN GoChuJang sauce

연근조림 Braised Lotus Roots

Round slices of lotus root simmered in sweet soy sauce and rice wine

어리굴젓 보쌈박스와 정식 Bo Ssam Box

Ssam set includes salted cabbage, marinated fresh oyster, raw garlic, jalapeno pepper, and S...

제육볶음 Jeyook Bokum

Stir fried vegetables and spicy pork in sweet chili sauce. comes with white rice
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