Curry Capital(Broadway) · Indian · Vegetarian · Chicken

Curry Capital(Broadway)

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Indian · Vegetarian · Chicken
Popular Dishes @ Curry Capital(Broadway)

Steamed Basmati Rice

Aromatic basmati rice boiled on a low flame.

Parliamentary Lamb Curry

Pieces of lamb sauteed with fresh garlic, ginger, and tomatoes. Served with a side of rice.

Garlic Naan Fiesta

Fresh made flatbread topped with garlic, baked in a traditional coal oven.

Samosa Royale

Cumin-flavored potatoes and peas filled in pastry dumpling and golden fried.

'Licious Chicken Biryani

Long grain basmati rice cooked with chicken in a blend of exotic Indian spices, and herbs.

Chicken Jackpot

Grilled chicken cooked in tomatoes and herb sauce with a touch of butter and cream. Served w...

Divine Rasmalai

Cottage cheese patties flattened and soaked in milk with whole spices.

Smoked Chicken Tikka

Boneless pieces of chicken marinated and barbecued in a tandoor clay oven.

Chickpea N Curry

Chickpeas cooked with juicy onions, tomatoes, and perfectly grounded spices. Served with a s...

Dumpling Dream

Soft cottage cheese dumplings steeped in rose and cardamom syrup.
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