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Mista Oh

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Korean · Soup · Seafood
Popular Dishes @ Mista Oh

Dolsot Bibimbap / 돌솥비빔밥

Vegetarian. Rice with mixed vegetables on a sizzling stone pan (a choice of bulgogi, spicy p...

Daeji Galbi / 돼지갈비

Signature marinated pork shoulders.

Galbi / 갈비찜

Red wine & soy sauce braised beef short ribs.

Galbi Rice / 갈비덮밥

Traditional marinated beef short ribs over rice on a sizzling stone pan.

Spicy Squid Rice / 오징어덮밥

Spicy. Spicy squid over rice on a sizzling stone pan.

Fried Chicken Steak / 프라이드치킨스테이크

Marinated boneless fried chicken.

Cheese Haemul Tteok Bokkeum / 치츠해물떡볶음

Spicy. Spicy stir-fried rice cake with assorted seafood.

Chicken Kochi 2 Pcs / 치킨꼬치

Glazed chicken thigh skewers with teriyaki sauce (2 pcs).

Yukgaejang / 육개장

Spicy. Spicy beef soup with vegetables.

Grilled Salmon / 연어

Miso glazed grilled Marinated Salmon with chive and oyster mushroom.
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