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Peking Duck Express

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Chinese · Noodles · Chicken · Seafood · Soup
Popular Dishes @ Peking Duck Express

Fried Chicken Wings (8)

8 chicken wings served with our own sweet sour sauce, salty pepper, sweet chili, spicy soy b...

Vegetarian Chow Mein/ Chow Fun

fried tofu and mixed veggies over bed of egg noodles or chow fun (rice noodles)

Roast Pork Bowl

crispy roast pork over rice with side of hoisin sauce.

Ma-Po Tofu

world favorite, pieces of silken tofu marinated in brown sauce with green onion.

Egg Foo Yong

select your type of meat or vegetarian version

Chinese Broccoli (Ga Lan)

long stemmed traditional chinese broccoli served garlic sauce or oyster sauce version.

Singapore Rice Noodle (Curry Flavor)

select your choice of protein in curry base

Mango Pudding

mango pudding for one or share. can be served with condensed sweeten milk or none. serving ...

Wonton Soup

favorite when you need that warm pick me up, quick meal. delicious won tons served in tasty...
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